What’s So Great About The Miracle Water of Lourdes? Plenty!

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The spring waters of Lourdes, France have long been recognized for its remarkable healing properties.  Millions and millions of people travel to Lourdes, France each year in hopes of finding healing.  Though many are in search of a spiritual restoration; there are just as many folks hoping for physical…

Water Shortages? You Better Believe it! What Are You Going to do About it?

To date, two billion people across the globe don’t have fresh water and yet; water is the source of all life. In places like Mexico City, people may spend as much as 30% of their annual income buying enough water just to keep them alive. Will America be next? Unfortunately, many Americans don’t give water … More Water Shortages? You Better Believe it! What Are You Going to do About it?

Innovative Ecosystems Initiative

Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes Healthy Heart Works Innovative Ecosystems Initiative seeks to develop human resource to study the area as an ecosystem in which biological and human interactions harmonize work integrated learning activities that aim to improve health, productivity, long-term sustainability and intends to raise awareness of the value … More Innovative Ecosystems Initiative

Infinite Power

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A matter of how to tap into it… “You might have seen a quote by inventor Nikola Tesla which evokes mystery and much curiosity about how it could be done; “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe.”…