“Gender Bending” BPA…Thanks, Mom and Dad


Toilets, Taps, & Trash

Hormones hormonal background concept We’re living in a world where we have little girls reaching puberty as early the 1st grade and boys reportedly as young as 8 years-old raping girls of all ages. To ignore what BPA is doing to the hormonal systems of our children should be criminal.  Instead…it’s a matter of convenience that we refuse to give up.

BPA is nicknamed a “gender bender” due to its ability to disrupt hormone distribution within the body.   This highly toxic estrogen accelerator is used in all plastic products commercially produced.  Don’t be fooled by the good marketing behind replacing BPA with BSA.  The damage is all the same…in some ways it is worse.  There is NO SUCH THING as a safe plastic when it comes to your children.

BPA mimics natural estrogen when it is absorbed into the body. Since estrogen is accelerated through the system (because of BPA), the hormonal…

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