The Resonance Project: World Water Day

We are living in exceptional times. Many scientists tell us that we have to change the way we live to curb water waste and contamination, to respect the elements and wildlife more in order to avert the depletion of natural resources as well as the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate. The stakes are high for us and our children. A fantastic documentary on the nature of our interaction with the world…Protect it, treat it properly, keep it clean!

Unify joined with people all over the world to #LoveWater at for the telesummit, live webcast, and global meditation.

The Resonance Project‘s video

The Resonance Project – Página Oficial HispanaNassim HarameinThe Resonance Project em PortuguêsThe Resonance Project – Traduction FrançaiseThe connected universeUplift ConnectUN-Water World Water DayWorld Water DayJamie JanoverEarth. We are one.


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