The Mind Unleashed

Nature works! Life on earth would not be possible without fresh water and oxygen created by places like the Amazon, ´the lungs of the world´. What is happening to the ecosystem in South America (and in other parts of the world for that matter), the ongoing destruction of the rainforest and to the future of humanity will absolutely shock you! You Should See What This Woman Sees Every Day. It Is Messed Up! We’re all in this together…

…Humanity’s survival depends on not burning two-thirds of our global oil reserves, so we must act now by limiting fossil fuel extraction. The highly biodiverse Amazon basin is a keystone area in combating climate change because it regulates our planet’s health and drives global weather patterns. Preserving regions most critical for our survival—from the Amazon to the Arctic—is the solution to avoiding climate chaos. That’s why we are globally calling to KEEP THE OIL IN THE GROUND, starting with the Amazon. Please, act today and share this video with everyone you know who likes to breathe air.



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