Earth Day 2016 | Embracing Humanity and Nature Conservancy While Earth Day is officially observed on April 22, events and happenings are taking place all month long around celebrating the #EarthDay initiative to mark the anniversary day set aside to focus on natural resource management, conservancy and entering the 46th year of a movement that continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people … More Earth Day 2016 | Embracing Humanity and Nature Conservancy

Magnesium Deficiency Epidemic? That’s a No-Brainer!

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Most of us are not getting enough magnesium for optimum health.  Symptoms of low magnesium levels can include fatigue, headaches, depression, lethargy, anxiety, behavioral disturbances, loss of memory and cognitive function, loss of appetite, nausea and even seizures.  Magnesium plays a HUGE metabolic role in our overall health and there is…

Do You Own an Appliance That Will Put Tons of Money in Your Pocket AND Last 20 years? I do!

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There isn’t much that sets aside one standard kitchen appliance from another.  After all, refrigerators store your food and stoves cook it (with a little help).  Microwaves nuke cook your food faster and dishwashers clean up the mess.  All of them cost you money to buy and money to maintain…

The U.S. Consumes 1500 Bottles of Water Per Second? That’s Enough to Make Anybody Choke!

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Plastic bottles are a BIG problem in more ways than one and the odds are that you’re a contributor.  Being part of the problem is being part of the problem no matter how conscientious you are about recycling containers!  If you could wrap your head around how BIG the…